Eco-Hotel El Rey del Caribe

Eco Hotel

We are an ecological hotel located in the center of Cancun, we are only five minutes from the beach arriving by car and two blocks from the bus station.

The hotel offers comfortable, modern and elegant rooms, with one queen bed or two double beds, kitchenette, Wi-Fi, in a quiet environment, surrounded by gardens and fountains.

Social responsability

We collaborate with conservation associations such as GRUPO GEMA del Mayab A. C. since 1983. We contribute to several of their programs such as the protection of sea turtles and dolphins, inviting our guests not to swim with dolphins, as this encourages mistreatment. animal. Our facilities facilitate free meetings for the Animal Welfare Network. We offer talks on human development and ecology every month, focused on empowering women.

We have reduced its carbon footprint by 26.2 tons of carbon dioxide. Installing 25% of our electricity consumption in photocells.

We comply with the laws and regulations established at the three levels of government. We have scheduled weekly visits to schools of all levels, so that the new generations learn about the sustainability of a business that can take care of the environment and be profitable. The healthy offer: breakfast includes different options, served with orange juice, tropical fruit, Mexican coffee.

We do not sell cigarettes, alcohol, or soft drinks.

Our efforts in commitment to Mother Earth and society offer an excellent option to stay and at the same time, contribute to the conservation of the environment, which guarantees a responsible and memorable stay.

About us

El Rey del Caribe hotel is located in Cancun, Mexico and is known to be a cozy property that provides excellent services to its guests. The hotel is surrounded by lush green gardens, a beautiful courtyard and swimming pool, creating a serene tropical ambiance. The rooms are extremely comfortable and cozy, and are decorated in a Mexican-style with vibrant colors and hand-painted details. The decor and ambiance of the hotel create a very warm and inviting atmosphere for guests. This eco-friendly hotel features solar water heaters, waste recycling, and rainwater harvesting. You also have a chance to indulge in massage therapy and take Yoga classes on-site. Whatever activities you might like to pursue, the staff at El Rey del Caribe is very knowledgeable, friendly and always happy to help. Overall, your stay at El Rey del Caribe promises to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience rooted in the heart of Cancun's pristine beaches and Mexican culture.