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We invite you to join our effort to make realitya sustainable ecological concept.

The green hotel of cancun

A sustainable ecological concept

Our facilities offer environmental practices that reduce the impact on natural resources. The design and implementation of sustainable solutions without sacrificing aesthetics and comfort offer the opportunity for responsible tourism for staying in a green hotel.

Energy savings is our criteria for saving electricity costs and have been reduced by 45%

We have a device for automatic shutdown of the air conditioner (inverter) once the room has been vacated. As well as a ceiling fan to reduce the use of air conditioning. Photovoltaic cells and Led Lighting. The rooms have good heat insulation with double glazing and good orientation. Solar clothes dryer (dries 21 sheets per hour), which reduces the use of electricity and saves 60% of the consumption of LP gas. Use with solar panels to heat 100% of the water in sinks, showers, jacuzzi and pool.

Solar use video

Disposal reduction video

Solid waste management > Our criteria in solid waste management has reduced the plastic footprint by 90%

The solid waste generated at the hotel is separated, recycled in a Municipal "Reciclaton" program, the organic ones are composted on site and we ask the guest to separate their waste in their own room into organic and inorganic, to make the work of Recycling and composting efficient. Organic waste is treated in the compost to get humus that is used in the hotel gardens.With the composting of the organic and the recycling of the inorganic, the Eco-Hotel El Rey del Caribe reduces the impact on the environment.

Water care > our criteria for saving water decreases 33% of water consumption.

We request the participation of the guests, to support the daily non-washing of towels and bed linen. The installation of low water consumption systems in bathrooms of the rooms such as, saving equipment in showers and sinks; The efficient use of water is one of the added values ​​that we offer not only for the environment, but also for its visitors. The pool water is channeled daily to the toilets, so that the clean and fresh water goes to the pool, which reduces the use of chemicals in its treatment. Rainwater collection. Our beautiful garden manages only native plants and is irrigated with the laundry water, which generates huge savings. Only biodegradable products are used and the rooms have soap and shampoo dispensers.

Video reutilización del agua

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