Eco-Hotel El Rey del Caribe our concept is Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.


Solid waste management

Solid waste disposal in situ.

Organic composting.

Recycling cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, Tetrapak, etc.

Reduction of plastic footprint by 90%.

Water jugs for filling thermoses or bottles.

Automatic air conditioning shutdown.

Use of air conditioners Inverter.

LED lighting.

Photovoltaic cells.

Heat insulation with double glazing and good room orientation.

The rooms have a good heat insulation with double glazing.

Water heating with solar panels.

Solar clothes dryer.

The installation of low water consumption systems in bathrooms.

Request to the guest not to wash daily towels and bedding.

Saver in showers and toilets.

Decreased use of chemicals for the pool with water reuse.

Rainwater collection.

Garden with native plants.

Watering gardens with laundry water.

Use of biodegradable for cleaning and laundry.

Shampoo and soap dispensers.

Social responsability. We collaborate with conservation associations such as GRUPO GEMA del Mayab AC since 1983. We contribute with several of its programs such as the protection of sea turtles and dolphins, inviting our guests not to swim with dolphins, as this encourages abuse of the animal. Our facilities facilitate free meetings for the Animal Welfare Network. We offer talks about human development and ecology every month, focused on empowering women. We comply with the laws and regulations established in the three levels of government. We have scheduled weekly visits to schools of all levels, so that new generations learn about the sustainability of a business that can take care of the environment and be lucrative. The healthy offer: the complimentary breakfast includes a menu with different options, served with natural orange juice, tropical fruit, Mexican coffee. We do not sell cigarettes, alcohol or soft drinks. Our efforts in the commitment to Mother Earth and society offer an excellent option to stay and at the same time, contribute to the conservation of the environment, which ensure a responsible and memorable stay. Araceli DominguezGema del Mayab A.C. Group

Environmental policies. SEMARNAT and the Embassy of England in Mexico chose us for a pilot program to implement Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria to which a tourism company should aspire to the RainForest Alliance, from 2008 to 2011, meeting 100% with the criteria mentioned to address the global challenges presented in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Under the same criteria, Tripadvisor has awarded us with an mention “ECOLEADER Platinum”.Some years ago our carbon footprint was 60 tons per year, after implementing the criteria described below, we decreased 35 tons per year contributing to the solution of climate change.

Awards and Mentions