What to do in Cancún?

What to do in Cancún?

Get to know Chichen-Itzá

As one of the seven wonders of the world, the trip to Chichen-Itzá cannot be left out of the list of things to do in Cancun. This archaeological site will take you directly to the ancient times of the Mayan civilization, which lived where Mexico is today, between 1000 BC. C. and 900 AD This is an unmissable walk, because the energy of the place is simply inexplicable. The main attraction is the Kukulcán pyramid, where the Mayans played games with balls among other activities. It is there that everyone shoots thousands of photos. They also sell many Mayan handicrafts.

Meet the Cenotes of Cancún

For nature lovers this walk will be paradise, the crystalline water caves that were used by the Mayans in their rituals carry a renewing energy. There you will feel close to the culture and beliefs of this town. There are several cenotes in the Cancún region, some have lakes with warm waters, perfect for relaxing, the most famous are Dos Ojos, Casa Cenote, Gran Cenote, Jardín del Eden, Yokdzonot and Chac Mool.

Isla Mujeres in Cancún

Very close to Cancún is the famous Isla Mujeres, a small paradise island highly sought after by tourists who want to stay close to nature and discover new Caribbean beaches. There you can relax, enjoy more hectic activities, such as diving, parties, parks and the underwater museum.

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